Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Unlike some of my grumpier counterparts, I’m very excited about I Y Geocaching and the LAB Caches.

According to Groundspeak’s website:

Geocaching Labs is beta testing a new way to show some love through geocaching. Premium Members can create a customized, temporary Lab Cache for one special person. Since this is a test of a potential new feature, we'd love to hear your feedback while sitting back and admiring your creativity.

It’s February.  We have cabin fever.  This is something new.  You get a cool icon.  There’s so many fun ways you can go about it. What’s not to love?  I’ve been noodling mine for weeks – can’t give anything away as TaGeez reads this blog, but I have a plan.  And it’s a good one!

One thing I was unsure of…… I couldn’t find any information on the website, the blog, the FAQ… was “Once I start creating my page, can I go back and edit it or do I only have one shot to get it right?”   I was worried because of the warnings on the FAQ page.  They warn that this is a single-use cache (and all that entails).  I didn’t want to click the button and screw this up.

Luckily, another cacher on Facebook already completed one.  He said you can go back and edit it as long as you don’t share the link until it’s ready.  So I did it.  I pushed the button, and I liked what I saw.

This is only a portion of the page, but it’s very clean and easy to understand.  Once I saw it, I knew exactly how I was going to execute this.  I hope you give it a try, too.

Do you have more questions?  Check out the FAQ on Groundspeak’s blog.

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