Friday, February 14, 2014

I HEART Geocaching! Scrapcat's Experience

Talk about having a bad, bad day yesterday. Things were crazy, busy at work with a new system's release next week.  I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, and hungry.  And, to top it off, it's Thursday.  Thursdays are family sauna night at TaGeez's house, and I wouldn't be seeing him this time.

As I was wrapping up for the night, TaGeez messaged me and asked if I had seen his email about my LAB cache called Loves Long Embrace.  Yes!  Bright spot!  I told him my plans were to enjoy my LAB cache (created by him), grab a bite to eat, and then accomplish nothing else tonight.  He was so sweet about it.  "Let me know when you found Stage 1."

Stage 1?  Oh, forgot.  He said a Multi.  I'm a little tired, but my mood was definitely in an upswing.  I clicked the URL on the email (for obvious reasons I'm not sharing my Valentine's Day email here) and off I went.

Pretty cool!  Did you know that you can click on the Download GPX link? It uploaded into my GeoSphere.  Ok, where are we going?  Home.  Yes, that's my house.  And looking at the clue on the webpage description, I know exactly where to go.  TaGeez and I have birthdays just 2 days apart, and he bought us a joint birthday gift this year, which was currently residing in my garage.  I smiled all the way home!

Stage 1 of my LAB cache
 Opening the garage, light spilled onto the box and this little fellow!  How long have you been waiting in there, little fellow?  And he came bearing gifts.... and coordinates!

My new co-pilot
Plugging the coordinates into GeoSphere, me and my new co-pilot were off!  Hey, I recognize that area!  I messaged my sister and told her I felt compelled to stop in for a visit!  I admit it - I was grinning and glowing the whole way!

When I arrived, she was waiting at the door.  "What are you doing here?"  She was projecting a halo of innocence.. that should've been a clue!  WikidKriket innocent? BAH! Directing me to the breezeway, she suggested I search high and low.

Isn't this sweet?  TaGeez, the bear, giving scrapcat a Bear Hug.  Yes, Bear Hug was my Find Code

TaGeez, the bear, giving "Bear Hugs" to scrapcat
 I squeaked! I squealed!  I hugged them and ran to my sister. I hugged her. 

I started to gush about my Sweetie and share my LAB plans for him when.... you guessed it!  My brother-in-law ran down the hall and tried to give me a noogie.  It was as thrilling as it sounded.

As I finally escaped his clutches, standing behind him all sweet and smiling, was my Love, my TaGeez.  He had hidden his car and had been waiting with them for hours until I arrived.  The final "stage" of my Multi was an early Valentine's Day double-date dinner with WikidKriket and SnakeyLicks at the Black Lotus Brewery in Clawson!

Valentine's Sweeties!
 The food was fabulous, the company was fun, and the night was magical.  I believe this is exactly what Groundspeak had hoped for when rolling out these LAB experiments!

SnakeyLicks, WikidKriket, scrapcat and TaGeez

I had an awesome adventure with those I love and laugh with.  And, I completed my LAB Cache.

Thank you, Sweetie, for another wonderful year of love.  Thank you, WikidKriket and SnakeyLicks, for sharing in the adventure!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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