Monday, December 8, 2014

Create a GPX Export of Your Unpublished Caches

Well, this is cool!

Gsix5666 (Roseville, MI) hosts an annual event on New Year’s Day where hundreds of Cachers race for hundreds of brand new caches after a pancake breakfast.  Because the new caches publish hours after the event, hiders are asked to submit their hides to him weeks earlier so he can compile them into a handout and create a GSAK file for distribution.

This year, he sent out this really cool link:

There are several methods available on this site*, but the easiest is to login with your user name and password.  It displays a list of all your unpublished caches (both unpublished and submitted/waiting for review).  Select the caches you’re interested in exporting and click Create GPX.  That easy!

By doing this on my computer, I was able to create a GPX file for uploading into GSAK or my GPSr device.  By doing this on my iPhone, I was able to upload the GPX file directly into Geosphere.  Using either method, I could also email a file to anyone I wanted.  The cache files contain all cache information including coordinates, D/T, size, description, hints and attributes. 

Not only can you use this to distribute cache information for events, you can also upload your unpublished caches to the device if you want to take the coordinates for a “test run” before submitting for publication.

Definitely a tip worth sharing!


*DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with this site – I’m just passing along the information available.  For web safety sake concerning user names and passwords, read the short Help Section explanation of the different methods to determine which method 

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