Saturday, December 13, 2014

Digging History at the Detroit Zoo!

Woot!  Congratulations to WikidKriket for hiding her first geocache, 
Digging History GC5G92C!  

Kriket is my sister and she volunteers weekly at the Detroit Zoological Gardens.  As one of her responsibilities, she works with both the Boy and Girl Scouts of America educating about the animals, letterboxing and now geocaching!

TaGeez and I went on a Sunday to make the find - nice LARGE container smack in the middle of the Zoo grounds!  The weather was perfect.... keeping the humans at home and drawing the animals out. We tried to be stealthy but there were eyes everywhere.....

Decorated for the annual Wild Lights event

We just happened to go opening day of the Wild Lights event - the Zoo is strung with millions of LED lights, many in the shape of animals.  We walked through as they were testing the lights just prior to the opening ceremony.  Can't wait to go!


If you make it the zoo in the summer, Detroit Zoo volunteer Snowbird2 hides around 6 caches throughout the grounds, active from around May 1st to Halloween.

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