Saturday, December 13, 2014


I can't believe after two years I've finally caught up on my podcasts! In addition to many mainstream podcasts, I subscribe to 9 geocaching podcasts:


Chicago Geocaching Podcast - I refuse to believe this show has truly ended. If you've never heard it, visit the archives. I can't listen to them while driving - I tend to veer because I'm laughing too hard to focus. Truly a blast watching them in person broadcasting their 100th episode!

Podcacher - Grandaddy of them all. I just wish Sunny would read my post about LPC'ing in the Michigan Winter and stop berating them.

The Geocaching Podcast - Getting my Scott Berks fix. Best episode EVER was the Glympse show with Scott and Corey caching LIVE. Scott, did you ever go back and find that cache?

GeoGearheads - Co-hosted by one of my good friends, DarrylW4. I've spent a lot of money in the App Store because of them.


The Podcacher Show - My first UK download. The Amasons are a hoot. Plus I love their "in the field" excursions and local interviews. I feel I'm walking the trails and attending events when I hear them. I've learned a lot about their local caching culture.

The Oh Beep Geocaching Podcast - I'll admit... the constant "offensiving" of Americans gets old quickly but listening to Banana Sauce trying to keep Doctor D on track is a riot. And, of course, the takeover for one episode by Walt & Scott (Chicago Geocaching Podcast) was genius! Pure brilliance! On a serious note, I think everyone should listen to the episode about depression - most moving, honest podcast I've ever heard.

UK Geocaching Podcast - I just started listening to them. I wasn't sure about this one, but now that I understand the dynamics and humor between Collin and LJ I welcome each episode. I love that they don't take themselves too seriously.

Chasing Smilies - I like the concept (sort of the British version of The Geocaching Podcast). I can't wait to see where this goes.


GeoTalk - This one hasn't produced a new show in awhile due to the host's health issues (I'm sending positive thoughts his way). I LOVED the roving reports and accents. Well worth downloading back episodes.

It's a given that I listen to any podcast that Dave DeBaereMaeker appears on. Smart, funny, informative. Follow him on his "Only Googlebot Reads This Blog". Native Texan also is a good listen - learned a lot from her.

I would love to subscribe to a German podcast, but... well... there's this little thing called a "language barrier".

Any others you would recommend?

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