Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To Puzzle Cache - a New Geo-Wonder Book

I’m SO geeked!  I ordered myself a geocaching Christmas gift today!
This week’s Podcacher featured an interview with Cully Long, the author of the newest geocaching wonder book “How To Puzzle Cache”.

I LOVE puzzle caches (just shy of finding my 1000th puzzle-cache smiley) – we have some phenomenal puzzle craftsmen here in Southeastern Michigan.  I’m continually surprised each time a new one publishes – there’s just so many ways to create and solve puzzles.  And then you have that moment when you solve it…. nothing sweeter! I thought the book might help with those stubborn blue ?’s on my map and maybe even inspire more puzzle hides on my part.

Several of the biggest selling points stemming from the interview:
  • It’s in a textbook format so you learn and then try with each chapter.
  • I ordered the spiralbound version so it will lay flat and not fall apart.
  • One of the reviewers is Jennifer (of Teamajk), who has the fabulous puzzle-a-day blog.  She also did a great interview on puzzles for the GeoGearheads Cache-a-maniac podcast recently.
  • Cully has promised that once the book is out there he will continue to update his website with book excerpts, additional tips, etc

If you get a chance, visit the Podcacher link and enter for your chance to win a free copy (no affiliation with Podcacher or the book).

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