Sunday, November 20, 2016

Necropolis Ruins

This is the time of year I dread. It's getting darker earlier, and the adventures are further and further apart. We decided it was time to take one more adventure before the snow so. on Saturday, ShelleyJean, TaGeez, and I headed to Adrian for the Necropolis Ruins GC3F1PA

Such a cool cemetery cache in Adrian, Michigan. And not your typical puzzle. Using snippets of pictures and just bearings, you have to follow a trail of locations within Oakwood Cemetery. Then throw in an extra puzzle, another stage, and a difficult terrain for the final... voila! An adventure!

ShelleyJean, TaGeez and Scrapcat
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we showed early. Now, if we could just beat the snow.  
We didn't. Not by a long shot.
I'm very proud to say that between us we found all the important markers (using the Sight n' Go on our Garmins and logic), the clue at GEO, and the coords for the-final. That last one took two attempts (with lunch in between - WOW! That snow is coming down!). Sloshing in the sleet, the pools of water and mud - practically kicking ourselves because we had each handled the important clue. We were definitely in this together.

We didn't, however, actually find the final. DRAT! TaGeez made a valiant slide down a hill side and did a thorough search. After a recon, a breather, and messaging some previous finders, we reconfirmed we were in the right place and looking in the right spot. Shelley and TaGeez decided to make one last go (we came such a long way!) but all for naught. It's starting to get dark, and the dropping temps chilled us in our wet clothes.
Discarded monuments?
I suspect we will not make it back before the heavy snow hits, but we will be back. This cache is brilliant and our new 'nemesis cache'. Aching to sign the log and award it's justly-earned Favorite point.


This is a nifty app on some of the Garmin models. I wrote a blog post about it while doing the fabulous Dem Bones puzzle by TheGrundalows. This app is great for this type of puzzle, but it takes a little getting used to. Even if you step off a little to the right or left, that might be enough to miss your target completely. 

We found the best way to use the app is to setup the projection (example: 168 degree bearing), align your arrows so you are looking directly at the path you need to walk, select a landmark along that invisible line (like a tree or a distinctive headstone), and then walk a straight line towards the selected landmark. Much easier walking directly towards a point ahead then stumbling around while looking down at the GPS (which keeps recalculating anyway).

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