Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Urban Adventures Trackable - Got One!


We got one of the free trackables! It arrived in TaGeez's mailbox on Monday. Now, what to attach it to? And where to drop it?

From the trackables page:
Urban Adventures shows travelers the stuff that only locals know in more than 150 destinations around the globe. From stuffing your face with the best street food to discovering the coolest underground street art, Urban Adventures is about finding the fun local spots, the fascinating local culture, and the friendly local people that make every city unique. Show off your own local knowledge by leaving this trackable luggage in a hidden corner of your own city –– or show your ultra-caching skills by planting it in an Urban Adventures city anywhere in the world! 

Be sure to snap a photo with your favorite spots, and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #localsknowgeocaching. Urban Adventures will pick the 25 most intriguing snaps to win a free tour anywhere in the world! 

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