Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sorry Out of Service: Saginaw Urban Art

I love urban art, and WikidKriket and I saw quite a bit while in Saginaw yesterday.

This one encompassed the entire building!

I had to take a tour of the whole thing.  No side disappointed.

Funny thing is... as I rounded the last corner I thought this would be a good place for a cache. Pulling out my caching app - VOILA! GC6R3PE Get Your Gas Somewhere Else. Only problem is... I couldn't find it. The hint was You're not looking for a container and several of the prior finders confirmed it.

Kriket joined the search and found it out in the open (log was resting up against a curb). We signed it, snapped a picture, and then I lost it. We didn't know where it went so I bent to replace it where I found it. It fell down a crack and into the deep, dark, scary darkness!


Original and Replacement
Luckily we had replacement logs. The worst part was hearing Kriket chant, "I found it and you lost it" over and over again for hours - ugh! 



So, why were we in Saginaw? It was WikidKriket's birthday. We take each other's birthday off and spend a day adventuring, seeking out interesting museums, cemeteries, experiences, and (of course) caching. 


In planning the day, I had a little help from my friends:


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