Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fly... MARS ROVER Traveling Cache GCC6B

Happy Dance! Doing the Geocaching Happy Dance! 

We got it! Fly... Mars Rover GCC6B has landed in Michigan! Team Gates posted a note that he dropped it in a cache located 4.5 miles from home. Off we went, in a mad tear in the Michigan darkness, to make the find! Up to the last second... even when we had it in our hands.... I couldn't register we got it. 

It is SO cool! And I'm geeked that it still has the toy Rover in the container. 

The messages have already started - friends wanting the skinny on our plans for it. TaGeez and I decided to keep it mum and release it tomorrow before it becomes an issue. 


Just checked and this is my 6th traveling cache!

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