Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Pirate Life for Me!

So much to share because it's been an epic geocaching 10 days, but I'm exhausted. Watch this space for recent adventures that include famous waterfalls, mind-numbing cemetery puzzles, a multi-state road trip, and, of course, Midwest GeoBash. 

To give you a taste of my excitement, here's a quick share: GeoBash ended this morning, but it was not a quick trip home. TaGeez and I (plus about 40 other hearty soles) made our way from the Fulton County Fairgrounds to Ford Field Park in Dearborn to meet Captain Rodney and crew!

Originating from Tennessee, Captain Rodney's is a family business that sells Barbecue sauces, jams and jellies, and one of the owners happens to be a geocaching reviewer called Monkeybrad. To give back to the community and (let's face it) promote the family product (the coffee barbecue sauce looked amazing), Monkeybrad and crew have teamed up with for the Great American Treasure Hunt trackable promotion. The crew is traveling the lower 48 states, hosting events and giving away free Captain Rodney's trackables.

Everyone who attended received one (to do as they will - yours to keep, sell, release). And they have a photo contest, too! 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Captain Rodney’s treasure hunt without a little something extra, so we are hosting a contest to win Captain Rodney’s prizes! All you need to do is carry a Captain Rodney’s trackable geocaching anywhere in the world and snap a photo of it to share your adventure. Post the photo on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtags #CachingWithCaptainRodneys #contest to enter. On October 31, 2017, we will pick 25 of the coolest pictures, the ones that truly capture Geocaching, Captain Rodney’s and our shared spirit of adventure to win Captain Rodney’s prize packs!
Monkeybrad and friends were pretty nice guys. After the event they headed off to The Henry Ford (because, when in Dearborn, that's what you do). And tomorrow they are heading to southern Ohio for the Butler County Donut Tour - yum! 

They must've made quite an impression on TaGeez, too. As tired as he is, he's sitting on the other loveseat shopping for their sauces and Googling recipes. Looks like a very tasty summer indeed!

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