Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cache Maintenance Caddy

Whenever we border cross into Canada we clear out our trunk. As we were replacing my cache maintenance caddy after our last border crossing, I realized this might be a good thing to share.  My caddy is a flat-bottom, reinforced Craftsman toolbox with extra pockets -- perfect for prepping a container for hiding or fixing one in the field. It's been very handy in helping others with problem hides, too.  Our kit includes (but not limited to...):

wire cutters
utility knife
fishing line
several sizes of wire
thick black thread for hanging caches
a variety of zip ties
a variety of magnets
spare baggies
golf pencils
spare logs & notebooks
official Geocache labels
black markers and spare pens
CITO kits
First-Aid kit
electrical tape
Duck tape (silver, black, and camo)
silica pouches to keep caches dry
a variety of smaller cache containers
spare flashlights
extra ink pads
key rings or ball chains (for fixing trackables)
Ziploc with paper towels (or Tempos, if you can get them)
Matches (in case we need to melt para cord ends)

There's probably more, but this is a good start for a kit.

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  1. Great idea! Much nicer than my brown cardboard boxes.


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