Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm Famous! (OK, not really....)

I was listening to the latest GeoGearHeads Cache-A-Maniacs podcast (GGH 089: Tips from the 2013 Race), and one of the tips mentioned was mine!  Woot!

Do not use silicone adhesives or Krazy Glue to attach magnets in a cache container.  Instead, use Amazing Goop.

Goop remains flexible in any weather (extreme hot or extreme cold) so the magnet doesn't pop out.  We've used it successfully in our Small World figurines (upper left) - they've been out for a year now!  We have also used it with great success in our PBN's (lower left).

My recommendation is to add a dab into the bottom of the cache container, press the magnet or figurine into the glue, and let it set overnight.

Happy caching!


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