Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traverse City Adventure: Winding Down

After the peninsula, there was not much geocaching excitement for the day.  My sister and I each made a grab, had dinner at the Mackinaw Brewing Company, ice cream at Moomers, and then attended a family bonfire.

We awoke the next day to rain and gray skies.  I had hoped to grab a bunch of Virtuals in the area, but my sister and her husband were anxious to get back home. 

Outside our motel

We did make it to Manitou Meanderings 1 (GCJPZN) up in “Fishtown” (Leland, MI).  The funniest part was the auto GPSr kept trying to direct us to “load onto the ferry”, but the virtual was sitting right next to the landing.  We snapped a few pics and headed home.

On the way home it was too rainy and dreary out to cache so I spent the drive bookmarking caches for our next trip up to Traverse City the next year.  It’s our goal to grab Power Island (GC35) – Michigan’s oldest active cache!

Happy caching!


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