Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wandering Around the Village

Yesterday was supposed to be the big trip around Kensington Metroparks with TaGeez. However, he's suffering from a sty in his eye and had to stay home to recuperate. As much as I wanted him to rest & get better, I was still VERY disappointed that our adventure was postponed. It had been such a craptacular week and the only thing getting me through it was the planned trip to the park.

So, I had several options for yesterday. I couldn't go without him as caching in the woods alone is not brilliant. I really wanted to be near water (but we're saving Metro Beach for another day). I also needed a walk and something to test my brain. I elected to do the puzzles at Greenfield Village while the weather was nice.

WadeCaching22 created two puzzles in Dearborn: one involving Greenfield Village and another the Henry Ford Museum. Both involved walking both locations, grabbing answers to questions, and solving the final coordinates.

And, of course, you can't end a trip to the museum without a picture of the Weinermobile!

After rounding up all the clues, I did find both cache containers. Even those were hidden with great thought. Gave point puzzles a Favorite point. I came home sore, sunburnt, and satisfied.


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