Thursday, September 26, 2013

Metropark Adventure!

Every year the Huron Clinton Metroparks kick off an annual Michigan Geocaching Adventure. You visit 13 designated metroparks in southeastern Michigan for special geocaches.  Each cache is a sizable lock-n-lock right off maintained trails filled with swag and a special code.  Collect all 13 codes by the deadline to win a path tag and enter a drawing for a free Metropark pass.

I love this series – look forward to it every year because our Metroparks are stunning!  My family tries to visit a park a day so we can grab the MGA  cache plus any other caches nearby.  Each Metropark has some type of learning center for the kids.  One has a wave pool, one an eagle habitat, one with a hawk habitat, one has a beaver habitat, one has a rattlesnake habitat and allows you to walk under the pond!

As a result, we’ve seen some stunning areas we’ve never explored before.

This year we’re a little behind as our schedules didn’t quite coordinate.  On Sunday, late into the afternoon, we visitited Kensington, Huron Meadows and Dexter. 

This year we had an addition to our caching crew – Fiona the Wonder Geopup!

I’m really, really looking forward to next Saturday as we’re exploring the eastern Metroparks.

Happy caching!


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