Saturday, September 7, 2013

Travel Fleas and Me!

Can you believe it?  I won!

I listen to this very folksy Geocaching podcast out of the UK called The Podcache Show.  On episode 24, they asked for people to submit the most interesting trackables to cross your path so I submitted this fellow:

Sandtoad's GeoCritter

And as I was listening to episode 25, I heard that I won the contest!  I think I was only vaguely aware it was a contest.  My prize?  A $10 gift certificate to  Pretty cool, eh?  Travel fleas are metal tags, in all sorts of colors, that you can personalize and add to a trackable or lanyard or keyring.

Image is larger than real life
Travel Fleas are 1.25" x .5"

As I already own some, I decided I'm going to spend it on a set for TaGeez.

Oh, happy day!

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