Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traverse City Adventure: Old Mission Peninsula

Upon arrival to Traverse City, we realized our room wasn’t available yet.  We decided it was the perfect time to explore Old Mission Peninsula (it was sunny & blue out – weather predictions on Sunday was gray with rain).  I was SO excited as my sister has seen so very little of this Peninsula.

We drove up the coast, past the haunted Bowers Inn (now called The Jolly Pumpkin).  I wrote about the interesting tale for  Further up the coast was the Bohemian Cemetery – fascinating & unique headstones surrounded by rows of trees and overlooking the harbor.  It has quite the atmosphere.  There’s a cache there called the Zombie Cache (GC2DCG3)!

We continued up the coast until we reached the Old Mission Lighthouse.  To my delight, I discovered that this was my sister’s first trip!  So beautiful!

After exploring the lighthouse, we moseyed down the steps and across the sandbar.  As we were walking out to a little sandy jutty, I checked my GPSr for the closes geocache.  What?  200 feet?  Not possible!  Is it?  I vaguely recall there were 2 caches nearby but according to the maps, they were in water.  Surely they were kayak caches, right?

We wondered out on this little stretch of sand to find the very darling I Am the Walrus cache (GC4BCET).  What a fitting environment!  The walrus soaking up the sun on top of the cache container was tucked up against a warm rock on a sandy outcropping!

After celebrating that victory, I checked for the next closest.  528 further north?  Not possible!  As you can see from the Google Earth image on my app, it’s in the middle of the water!!!  Or is it? Can it be? 

As we scrambled down a narrow, sandy path lined by brush and wildflowers, I thought, “Surely we will run out of land soon.  It MUST be in water!”  But it wasn’t.  Northern Rocks Between The Bays (GC42C4H) was a D/T 4.5/3.5 and my sister found it!  Kriket for the find!  I was SO proud of her!  We had to take victory shots!

High off our victory, we trekked back to the shore.  We needed to celebrate.  Cruising to the other side of the peninsula, we stopped at the Old Mission General Store for eclairs and cherry cream sodas!

We drove a little further down the road so I could show Kriket another fabulous site: The Old Mission Inn (established 1869).  As we we eating our treats and watching the wedding at the old church next door, I checked the GPSr one last time.  Can you believe it?  A few hundred feet to the West was another very unique cache: Old Mission Inn and Out (GC14RW0).

I used up a lot of favorite pointson this trip!

Watch for my final posting about this trip.  Happy Caching!


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