Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day! 150 Years!

If you live 9 miles from the US/Canada border, it's only right to spend Canada Day (especially their 150th birthday) in Windsor!

TaGeez and I arrived later than usual due to tunnel traffic, but we made a beeline to Heavenly Rest Cemetery to visit our friend, Othum. At his graveside last week, we were told a geocache would be placed "nearby" -- I knew exactly where it would be, and, much to my delight, I was proven right. This is definitely a geocacher's final geocache.

Othum's Memorial Cache (SQ) GC6WV20
That left little time to geocache before heading to eM-Burr's event in Optimist Park. The humidity receded and a lovely breeze came calling. I love the Essex County cachers - they have always been most welcoming. We arrived to the potluck late so we didn't have a dish to pass -- JKBailey insisted we eat as she brought plenty for everyone. PLUS we were greeted at the pavilion with a row of American and Canadian flags!

Essex County Geocachers - Canada Day 150 GC75M6J
TaGeez went off caching with YetiAtLarge and Partsman41 while I scored the coolest temp tattoo! Look how awesome I look! We enjoyed our visit, and we won one of Othum's inactivated trackables.  

We wanted to stay longer, but the celebrants were pouring into Windsor for the big 150th celebration. The tunnel traffic was so bad heading into Canada it was backed up through the entire tunnel, the border checkpoint and spilled onto Jefferson.

DougPeterson was hosting an event, too. We picked up PopLob for a drive out to Farmington. We saw many of the same faced from the earlier event - we love our events in Southeastern Michigan! Good time grabbing shakes and Doug's event cache.

Canada Day Ice Cream GC75D1W
It was a lovely way to start the long holiday weekend -- bookending it between Canada Day and Independence Day! Plus there's more adventures to come!

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