Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mountain Warehouse Trackables

Speaking of free trackables... look what we have!

Moose Willis, Meryl Sheep, and Jimmy Talon

The fabulous ShelleyJean and I made our way across Canada recently (that tale is coming soon to these pages), and we found ourselves crossing paths with several outlet malls. We decided on a whim to see if the Mountain Warehouses in Ontario and Niagara had any promotional trackables left (our own local store never received their shipment). To our shock and joy, we were able to collect one of each for one complete set! TaGeez loves his souvenir from our road trip.

If you see one in the wild, take a picture with it and upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest using #MWGeoTrail #contest 

UPDATE - And it looks like lady luck is on our side. Received this email too:
Congratulations, your name was randomly selected out of thousands of entries to receive a Hurtigruten trackable in the mail! You should expect to receive it within the next couple of weeks.
Looks like we have quite a few trackable tags to activate and release this summer!

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