Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Back in Black GC4MT8W

I thought I’d share my recent geocache log from yesterday’s adventure:

After a harrowing journey nearby that resulted in a DNF, twigs in my hair and leaves in my underwear (don't ask), I trekked out into the wild jungles of Berkley to locate the ever-elusive Tupperware-in-the-woods (preferably the kind with a jaunty lock lid).

Perusing my treasure map to unfound treasure, I spied this beauty in a field of gray and meteors.  Awaking my trusting geo-steed and donning my Circus cap, I tightened my boot spurs and off I went! 

It was a dark and stormy night.  A door slammed.  There was a scream!

But the great white whale wasn't getting the better of me! 

Shaking my time capsule and stirring up fairy dust, I head North (or South, but the really long way).

Sea Monsters!  Yetis on skis!  Nessie sunbathing! The horrors!  Would I ever survive the trials and tribulations to reach this galactic skyscraper?!?

Monkeys.  Yes, monkeys in hats.  I was doomed.

Rounding the corner, I saw the light.  A leg lamp?  It was a major award!  I won it!  I will call it "Frah-jee-lee"!

Sliding off my magic carpet and getting rug burns, I landed on a cloud.... a puffer fish.... a dandelion and tromped my way to my reward.  I signed the log and took a nap.

The end.

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