Thursday, December 12, 2013

SE MIGO Meet + Dragon + Prize Geocoins

Had a great time at last night’s monthly SE MIGO Meet at Panera.  Caching Fire (TB5MKYT) made his grand appearance on the event scene.  I think it was a hoot! I mean a hit!

While at the meet (with everyone “discovering” my dragon), I ran into DarrylW4.  I mentioned earlier that I won a geo-prize in one of the GeoGearHead’s drawings.  He handed it to me.  Woot!  I won a 2011 DarrylW4/Firefly geocoin and a Cache-A-Maniacs geocoin!  Awesome!  I already have a DarrylW4/Firefly geocoin (with a silver border) so I’m going to give this gold-bordered one to TaGeez for his collection (I “earned” another DarrylW4/Firefly geocoin about a year ago at the Belle Isle event, and it’s in my sister’s collection).

All in all, a good event and the last one for me before Christmas.  I wish all my geo-friends an awesome holiday season!

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