Monday, December 2, 2013

Where the Dead People Live - GC165F

Last month I spoke of visiting Virtual Caches (looks like the San Francisco trip is a bust – bummer).

I love Virtuals – again, they take you to places you may never know existed.  Steve and I visited this really cool forgotten cemetery up in Auburn Hills this weekend.  Except for the immediate neighbors (who obviously take care of the grounds), we geocachers are probably the only people who know it exists!

It’s directly across the street from larger Eastlawn Cemetery.  Except for the wooden fence and tiny gravel path, there’s no indication that it’s anything more than just an empty field.  No sign.  No proud headstones near the road.  But as you step into the cemetery and meander towards the back, odd shapes loom out of the dusk.

I’m sorry some of the pictures are a little darker.  We were running late due to work commitments and dusk settles fast this time of year.  Afterwards, we wandered 10 miles down the road and met some friends for a very interesting night cache called the Haunted Series 1.

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