Sunday, June 15, 2014

Heidelberg Project

I was feeling a little lost this morning.  Most of my family was out of town for a relative's graduation, and my Sweetie was with his kids for Father's Day.

A gorgeous day.... unsettled feet.... the need to get out to explore.

I started at Farwell field.  3 caches in a very urban neighborhood.  Practically had the park to myself (except for the funny RC Flyer that buzzed me after the first cache).  The CO, Lando 313, has a talent of selecting the most obvious hide spots but with the best camouflage. It was a fabulous walk!

I grabbed a few Made In Detroit caches, but it wasn't feeding the soul so I headed down to the Heidelberg Project.  Started in 1986, the Heidelberg Project is an outdoor urban art exhibit.

Heidelberg Project: Make da Time GC2GAB4

I spent a peaceful morning wandering around the art exhibits.  Blue sky, lush grass, bright colors.  Breeze rifling through the tree branches. And I had it all to myself!

{GHQ} Heidelberg Redux GC2GA9Y

And the topper?  There's two caches hidden amongst the exhibits! One at each end of Heidelberg Street. So much fun!

I ended the day with:
  • 12 Detroit caches
  • 1 RC flyer
  • 1 art tour
  • 1 SQ

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