Monday, June 2, 2014

Mosquito Twister?

You’ve heard of “tornado”?  And “sharknado”?  But how about a “mosquito twister”?  Yeppers, a photographer in Portugal captured a funnel cloud of mosquitoes!  She hurriedly packed her things and raced to her car…. only to be surrounded by them!

Click here for images:

I must admit…. I thought the family suffered on Memorial Day in the Metroparks (it had rained for several days before), but we were lucky. We only had a few bites. 

Thanks to my sister, WikidKriket, we know to keep Witch Hazel nearby for bite relief.  When I get bit, I welt up quickly.  Rubbing Witch Hazel on the area sooths the bite and the welt diminishes almost immediately.  We even found these handy “hazelet” pads for our packs!

I’ll share our Memorial Day Metropark pictures soon!

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