Monday, June 9, 2014

With Friends Like These..... (a funny story)

Well, here’s a funny story.

Last month TaGeez and I had the pleasure of traveling to Traverse City and taking a boat over to Power Island.  We were there to grab 4 special caches including Power Island GC35, one of the oldest active caches in the world!

scrapcat and TaGeez with Power Island GC35

It was at that cache that TaGeez lost his hat.  (sigh)  It was a special hat…. His trademark hat. 

TaGeez with his hat
But time got away from us so he left it behind.  We even added a little RIP message in our logs.

This week…. Our friends, theGrundalows and afishoutofwater, went to Power Island and found it. 

Source: afishoutofwater

 Right next to the Power Island cache.

Source: afishoutofwater

Now they’re holding it for ransom!

Source: afishoutofwater

To be continued..... :)


Update: After uploading this blog post, Ben of theGrundalows shared this picture!  I love it!

Yep, that's TaGeez's hat on the Power Island cache!

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