Sunday, June 8, 2014

Metroparking on Memorial Day

We've had a bit of a family crisis to deal with.... all is well in the end.  But as a result, I never posted my pictures from our recent MGA 2014 adventure.  Members of Team Free Range Lobsters (Myself, SnakeyLicks, WikidKriket, Fiona-the-wonder-geo-pup and 3inaTree) explored Lower Huron, Willow and Oakwood Metroparks.

First stop: Lower Huron Metropark

Unsuspecting fools.... 

... because the skeeters were waiting!  Rained for several days
before and the cache was in a natural marshland. Ugh.
Willow Metropark:

Fiona for the find!
Actually, Jeremy was signing as she was looking.

A lot less marshland = happier cachers!

In the middle of Willow Metropark is
Huron Township Cemetery.
Fitting to visit on Memorial Day

Lovely old cemetery - stones dating back to the Civil War
Oakwoods Metropark:

Time for our hot dog lunch!
Fiona is rewarded for being a good pup-pup

Visiting Hawkeye at the Nature Center

Pilgrimage to Squirrel Nutkins GC363
Michigan's 6th oldest active cache
Cemetery Hopping.

That area of Southeastern Michigan is brimming with historic, well-maintained cemeteries.  So, on the way down and back, I stopped off at a few.

SQ - Happy Hunting Grounds GCRFTC

Near SQ-Mother's Day Cache GC2VQR1

Circa 1810 GC1PH79
This last stop was quite fascinating.  It was my last stop of the day.  It's a cemetery (established 1842) that currently resides in the middle of several fenced in parking lots/storage yards and bordered by the highway.  The only way to it is to lightly-trespass by parking in a junk lot full of abandoned cars and walk down this blocked off paved road to the cemetery on the hill.  Weird!  Cool!

Down the Lane #21 - Clark Cemetery GC2RWY2
Blue check is the parking
Although I missed my partner-in-cache (TaGeez was home sick), it was a beautiful (if stifling hot) day.  Totals for the day included:

  • 3 MGA14 caches
  • 7 cemetery caches
  • 1 historic cache with a deceased raccoon hanging nearby
Looking forward to our next excursion!

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