Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Countdown To Midwest GeoBash 2014

Every day for the last 10 days I've posted a countdown post in the Southeastern Michigan Geocaching Facebook group to prepare everyone for the ultimate fun!  I can't believe it's tomorrow!

Here's the list:


And counting down to GeoBash! Proud that my nephew Andrew is attending the Scout class.


If you use a smartphone for caching or Wherigos, phone service can be spotty (Steve has good service - my AT&T is useless on the fairgrounds). To get around this, you can either create PQ's for offline lists or you can pay for up to 4-days wifi. Or, as Ben pointed out, load your GPSr.


My family loves the annual Poker Run on Friday morning. It's free (except for the gas you use or any goods you buy). Eligible players pickup a card at the swag store. Each card contains coordinates for several businesses in the community. At each stop you pickup a bar-coded sticker for your card (and you sample the local wine, buy ice cream, shop the local goods...) Cache along the way... Return your card by 3pm - typically the best & worst Poker card wins a GPSr!


According to this website, Midwest GeoBash will have LAB caches! So... How many of you are going to top your "most icons in a day" record on this trip?


In addition to the 32 new caches on the fairgrounds, local cachers annually place several new challenge caches around town (many on the fabulous Wabash Cannonball Trail). There are 5 new challenges this year. Do you qualify?


Around this time next week, I will be shaking rich dirt out of my sandals and handing my metal detector back to the volunteer while clutching my collectible trackable in my other hand. Tickets are $5 each for the Treasure Hunt. Speaking of swag, what is the coolest or most unusual item you ever found in a cache?


Nothing as fun as doing a night cache with a crowd! Handyman's "Night Creatures" had 152 Fave points before it was archived. With a new night cache in place, what is your best "night caching" tip for newbies?


Some of the best "Bash" stories surround Area 51. By day, you can attend a cast iron cooking demo or competition. At night is the bonfires. After 10, you will see unmarked pitchers containing glow-in-the-dark liquids. If you are lucky, you'll meet a lackey or get some A51 swag. Don't forget your tin foil hat on Thursday!


In addition to the fabulous Wabash Cannonball Trail (TaGeez and I spent a peaceful Sunday there last year), the surrounding area is dotted with older cemeteries with some older caches. Recently, many of these cemeteries were vandalized. If you see any in bad shape, CITO if you can.


And, of course, you can't forget about the travel bugs and path tag trading. Don't forget to bag the TB's, print out the info sheets & code their destinations. You can find the trackable guidelines here:

I can't wait to share my adventures with you! I just wish the entire family would've been able to make it this year.

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