Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 7 Souvenirs of August

Groundspeak is at it again!

Last year it was '31 Days of Caching' which was very painful for the non-streakers.  This year, it's the '7 Souvenirs of August'!

Now, I haven't seen too much about this yet.  I don't know if this spans over a period of days or if you can do this all in one, but, basically.....

If you can't see the picture, click the link above

You must find 6 different cache types (see list below) in August.  As you find each one, you get a unique virtual souvenir added to your profile.  If you complete all six, you earn a special "Achiever" souvenir.  
  • Find a Traditional geocache to earn the Explorer souvenir.
  • Find a Mystery Cache to earn the Puzzler souvenir.
  • Find a Multi-Cache to earn the Sightseer souvenir.
  • Attend a CITO event or find an EarthCache to earn the Nature Lover souvenir.
  • Attend an Event Cache, Mega-Event or Giga-Event to unlock the Socializer souvenir.
  • Find a Virtual Cache, Wherigo, Letterbox Hybrid or Webcam Cache to earn the Collector souvenir.
Now, Traditional, Mystery, Multi and Events are cakewalk.  I'm not a huge fan of EarthCaches, but I can scrounge one up nearby.  The Collector souvenir will be tough - I've cached out my area for Virtuals, Wherigos, Letterboxes and Webcams.  Though, I told Lorna and Steve that this would be an awesome excuse to go grab one (or more) of the three remaining webcams in Michigan - road trip!  We might make it a "busy day" and wipe out all 6 of them!

It's exciting to see the local cachers are already brainstorming this.  Last year's '31 days of August' was fun, but we were really sick of ice cream flash mobs by months end!  Lorna thinks she may even put out a Letterbox - we need to get cracking!

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