Friday, July 11, 2014

ROAD TRIP! Historic Caches of St Clair County Challenge GC29AVT

Team Free Range Lobsters were tearing up the “thumb” on Independence Day!

TaGeez is on the mend, and we needed an adventure.  We met with WikidKriket and SnakeyLicks for a special tour of the St. Clair River on the 4th of July.  Caching on this gorgeous blue day from New Baltimore to Port Huron, we qualified for and found the Historic Caches of St Clair County Challenge GC29AVT.

Historic Caches of St. Clair County Challenge
Looking in the wrong place

TaGeez for the find!
Happy 3000th find, Sweetie!

TaGeez, WikidKriket and SnakeyLicks

The cool thing about this challenge is that you must find 5 of the 7 oldest caches in St Clair County to qualify.  Best part?  5 of the caches were Virtuals!  We spent the day locating historical markers about ship builders to ship wrecks, International underwater train tunnels, Edison’s railroad time in Port Huron.

Miss America x 10 GCJ6TA

Right on the St Clair River

Back in Time GC7C90

We drove up the (almost looked fake) blue St Clair waterways, roadside dotted with small Independence Day festivals and holidaymakers.  Lunch was at the awesome Marine City Fish Company – large window in front framing the passing freighters heading to the Blue Water Bridge or down to Detroit.

What is more fitting than immersing ourselves in Michigan’s maritime history on this important holiday?

Marine City

View from No Canadian Fish GC2H4N1

Brought my Ghost (Virtual) Geocoin for every stop

Turning Point 211
This is cool - it's a Canadian Virtual that can be
grabbed from the American side!

First Benchmark of the Day!

View of the Blue Water Bridge from the
Lightship Huron

I love these old caches – especially the Virtuals and the traditionals with the original logs.  To scroll back and see log entries from a decade or more ago…. To know that these people’s words have survived so long in the Michigan elements…. To walk in others footsteps learning the coolest history and experiencing the coolest sites – awesome!

Young Thomas Edison and the Blue Water Bridge

Young Thomas Edison and the Blue Water Bridge

Thomas Edison Depot Museum
Kriket doing her ode to Stand By Me

Watching freighters under the Blue Water

Standing under the Blue Water Bridge
Yes, that's Canada

Appropriately enough, the Virtual is called Hold Me Tight GC7C96

Lovely series of Maritime-themed parks along the riverfront

We took time to read - and appreciate - everything

Our final view of the riverfront park before we headed home to
frozen custard and fireworks

The Historic Caches of St Clair County Challenge is just one of many “county challenges” in Michigan.  Alongside the 2 TaGeez and I will complete on our way to Midwest GeoBash in two weeks, we will have 6 of the 10 needed to qualify for the Michigan Counties Metachallenge GC30JWA.

White pins are required Virtuals
Purple pin is the Challenge cache

Totals for the Day:

12 Caches total (11 American and 1 Canadian)
1 Milestone (TaGeez’s 3000th)
7 Virtuals
1 Challenge + 3 puzzles
3 Benchmarks
4 Freighters + 1 Lightship
Anchors, ships’ bells, boats, trains, tunnels, lighthouses, bridges and docks
4 fish dinners

5 custard desserts (had to bring one home to Fiona)

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