Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Singing the Ambitious Charters Praises - Power Island

How exciting is this?  After the fabulous Power Island adventure, I sent an email to Captain Mike and submitted a testimonial to the Ambitious Charters website. I can’t swim.  I’ve never been on a boat like the Ambitious and was really nervous.  Prior to the trip, I had scoured the sites looking for words of comfort, so I thought I’d share my A++ experience for others “in the same boat” (HAR HAR!).  He published it!
In case you can’t read the text or click the link, here’s my testimonial:
“Have I mentioned I’m very nervous around water? And have never been on a boat smaller than a ferry?
On a geocaching trip of a lifetime to Power Island, I confessed my anxieties to Captain Mike. With patience and confidence, he explained how to board the Ambitious, seated me in the cockpit and let me know what to expect.
With great humor and charisma, he gave a guided tour of the bay, and, before I knew it, I was standing on the sandy beach of Power Island. The journey there and back was just as enjoyable as the destination.
Thank you, Captain Mike!”
I still stand behind every word.

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