Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Can It Be THE Miguel Cabrera?

On Saturday, TaGeez and I did a fabulous Spirit Quest (SQ) puzzle at Holy Sepluchre Cemetery in Southfield, MI.  It was SQ - The Ghosts of Tigers Past GC5B7QT. It's a 10-stage puzzle where you visit the gravesites of 9 Detroit Tigers (players and owners).  It was well-written and a fabulous tour.

From my log: 
This was the first time in the Holy Sepluchre mausoleum, and the stained glass windows were fabulous! We [TaGeez and I] went down every corridor looking at them.

Afterwards we took our time snapping pictures at each gravesite. We particularly liked the Briggs Mausoleum (with it's Madonna window in back and a fan's Tiger ticket stuck in the grill). Fascinating history here. Each stage was easy to find and many were conveniently close together.

One rewarding stop was the Navin mausoleum. I had read RayQix's fascinating history of the Detroit Tiger's at Michigan and Trumball. I had also seen the tigers at this mausoleum before, but, until today, I never put 2+2 together. Great stop!

This puzzle took several hours, and it was well-deserved it's favorite point.

After updating the log and attaching (the above) picture, I also uploaded this collage to my Instagram account (gracie-bird).  I received several Instagram notifications for "new activity" and decided to check out who visited my pictures.  Do you see the second entry down?

miguel.cabrera24 - 2nd one down

Miguel Cabrera?  What do you think?  Could it really be him?

Can it really be him? Almost 10K followers? Maybe?
How cool would that be?  A Detroit Tiger!  I've decided to believe it is so... ignorance is bliss!

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