Monday, August 18, 2014

Hau'oli La Hanau, Vi!

Several weeks ago, Frito Bandito reached out to the local caching community asking for a favor.  Would we hide up to 50 cupcakes for his daughter, Hawaii Vi’s, 50th birthday?  Sure thing!  We had volunteers traveling miles to pick these plastic beauties up for today’s release!

As far as Ferndale to Brighton – Milford to Dearborn.  At 8 a.m. this morning, the alarms started chiming that new caches were publishing.  I haven’t heard Vi’s reaction yet (it was a surprise – which is amazing for this gossipy group!), but her Dad said they did manage a few first-to-finds!

Hidden by Captain Obvious

Hidden by Team TopKat and Miss Bella

I managed two, also!  As I pulled into work, my phone went berserk. One was hidden a mile East of work and another a mile and a half to the West.  I just beat June17 for #2.  I messaged TaGeez to let him know I had 2 FTF’s (which included an FTF prize of free cupcakes at a bakery in Livonia) when he messaged me back – he had two FTF’s himself!

Now I’m just sitting here, excitedly waiting to hear who found our four.  The Southeastern Michigan Geocaching Cachers are an amazing bunch of people!

Hau'oli La Hanau, Vi!

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