Monday, August 25, 2014

Wimpy Mail Time!

Look what showed up in my mailbox!!!! One of the free Wimpy kid Trackables! I requested one months ago, and I'd finally given up hope - woot!

No wonder it took so long - it was sent to Ferndale, CA! I hope the rest of it's time on the road isn't so haphazard!  I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to attach to it and will send it on it's way shortly.

Update: He's been activated!  Woot!

What's the deal with this DOAWK trackable?

When You're In It For The Long Haul, Things Are Bound To Get Lost Along the Way

Help the Heffleys find their lost luggage! Greg, Rodrick, Manny, Mom, and Dad have hit the road, but they've lost a few things along the way. Can you help them find what they're missing?
The Heffleys need your help finding six thousand Wimpy Kid trackables hidden across North America. Each trackable features an item the Heffleys have lost. When you find a Wimpy Kid trackable, use the code to log it and then keep it moving by putting it in another geocache. Make sure you log it to see how far your trackable goes! When you place it in a geocache, others will have a chance to help the Heffleys, too!
You can track the Heffley's belongings via this interactive map.

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