Saturday, August 23, 2014

We're On A Mission... To Windsor

While exploring Fention, MI about a month ago, we came across a fabulous geocoin with a mission - A Gift of Love for Graunty wants to go to Windsor! It has several failed missions and still hadn't made it. How cool!  I live 9 miles from the Detroit/Windsor border.

Geocoin for Graunty TB5N42K
On this beautiful Saturday (August 9th), TaGeez and I headed over.  In addition to finding a new (temporary) home for Graunty, we thought we'd hunt for some Ontario Spirit Quests and the new Whimsical caches along the pretty parks along the Windsor Riverfront.

First stop: SQ Red Alert GC4XP7N

I've seen this type of monument before but never
a hand holding the anchor!
Categorize as another "Geocaching has taken me to places I've never been before....".  We saw a cache called the Capture of Detroit - 1812 GC3E5PN so we decided we needed to capture their cache!  (We put it back after signing!)

Finally heading to the riverwalk and the mighty Ambassador Bridge.  Very cool cache at the Canadian base called The Ambassador GC4MWD9.

TaGeez and scrapcat

TaGeez making friends again!

While here, we did some Sightering, too.
This was one of the "sights" I captured.

The cache is called Sculpture Garden GC3RCBH
You can see the RenCen in the background!

Aren't they cute?

LOVE the sculpture garden!
After caching and sightseeing under the Ambassador Bridge and in the Sculpture Gardens, we headed a little further East along the Riverwalk for more Whimsical caches.

Fancy bathrooms on the riverwalk

Detroit skyline
We only managed 9 finds, including a home for Gaunty (TB Hotel - I'm Watching You GC45XKE).  It was such a beautiful day in wonderful parks with so many people worthy of people watching!  I guess we'll have to go back for the rest of the caches!

Update: Here's a funny postscript.  At the last cache, the TB Hotel, we found 2 trackables in there.  We swapped Graunty for those TBs.  Upon returning home, we discovered that our friend, June17 (from Michigan, also) had just dropped those same trackables hours before!  We hope they enjoyed their brief stay in Canada!  Maybe we need to take them back...

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