Thursday, March 26, 2015

And (eventually) there was sun.... on Belle Isle

Just two more days until the 2015 Belle Isle event!  Woot!  Every year the Belle Isle cachers hide 45 new caches on the Isle, and there should be a good turnout this year.

TaGeez and I didn't finish last year's (he had to undergo surgery), so we decided last Saturday to go out for a few more (they get archived on Sunday).  At first, the weather didn't cooperate - it was blistering cold and rainy.....

Look at the ice in the river! Mini icebergs everywhere!

TaGeez standing over blue ice!  It reminded me of the underside of icebergs.
The water was flowing fast and wayward ice sheets were crashing against the buoys.

You can see the ice sheets piling on the shore.

TaGeez looking for stage 1 of a multi on the new peninsula bridge.
We found the final!  First people to find this 3-stage Multi in 11 months!

A view of the new bridge from stage 2.

But, eventually, the sun came out!

This was a fun, little bushwhack.  Can you see the ice piling at the mouth
of this inlet?

Ice floating on an interior lake

A great view of Canada.  Can you see the rocks on the riverbed?
Can you see the lighthouse in the distance?

Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse

Look at the awesome swag in that 3-stage Multi?  The unactivated geocoin
(trackable pin) was left by the last finder 11 months ago!

Saunder's Cream Puff cake in celebration of an awesome day!
We managed only about a dozen caches but half were Multis.  We even ran into the Belle Isle Cachers who were out taking measurement for this weekend's event.  I'll post more pictures then!

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