Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh, No! He's Armed! (with a Monterra....)

I’ve been quiet lately. Really… not much to report for this week.  Still doing the Cache-a-day.  I did have a most excellent surprise on Tuesday.  I’m one of seven kids – the “youngest three” are avid geocachers as well as our nieces and nephews.  My older brothers have only expressed polite interest to date.

My older brother, Jim, bought a Garmin Monterra recently.  (We come from a family of gadget-hounds – we love our electronic toys).  It’s a VERY nice unit – good balance and comfortable-sized screen.  It has all the fabulous Garmin features like nearby geocaches, Chirps, waypoint averaging.  It also has the ability to install apps from the Android store!  Really!  Facebook, email, browsers.  I can’t wait to take it out for a field test.

Well, here’s the surprising part: Jim took it caching!  On his own! He’s been along for the ride a few times before (when we take the kids out caching while on vacation), but he’s never expressed an interest in actually taking up this sport/hobby/obsession/pastime! I’m assuming he wanted to take his new toy for a spin. His first cache: he found an ammo can in a cement pipe after hurtling a snowbank.  It was so sweet when he said he spotted my name on the log before his.

Even more exciting is, without guidance (because we Lobsingers have to do EVERYTHING on our own – a bullheaded bunch…. ), he created a account! AND LOGGED HIS FIRST CACHE!  I’m not sure what I’m more proud of…. His first solo find or his first log?  Writing a good log is a soapbox item for me – I will preach it to anyone who listens.  He wrote a good log, sharing his experience, using the correct lingo and even abbreviations. 

His next cache, dedicated to his hockey-playing son, was a DNF.  (Jim has stated he is not a fan of micros) But this log was even better – what a hoot! 
Despite my best efforts, no luck. Micro's are a bit tough for me at my experience level maybe, especially at night. Anyhow, I'll bet that kid is much taller and thinner by now. WHAT.......HEY!! STOP THAT KID!! HE'S DRIVING MY CAR, and wearing my genes;-}
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the family humor rearing its head! Jim’s family does a lot of camping throughout the summer.  I can’t wait to hear about his new adventures.  

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