Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ritz Quackers was STOLEN!

Ok, you ready for this one? 2 years ago, Lorna and I each released 4 Rubber Duckie Trackables at MWGB in a race to reach Tacoma, WA. They were heading to Tacoma in honor of the 29,000 rubber duckies that were lost at sea on THEIR way to Tacoma.

Two of mine made it within 30 miles of Tacoma WITHIN THE FIRST WEEK and then were MUGGLED! Another went missing in a family-friendly cache 18 months ago.

I just received this email from Bluedrgn52 about my last one, Ritz Quackers http://coord.info/TB51QEP :

"So I went to drop off Mr. Quackers (Duckie Race - RITZ QUACKERS (magenta tag)) when I was visiting my step daughter this weekend in Bellingham, Wa. We put him in her purse and hit the gym, then were going to drop him off on our way home. We put our purses into gym lockers and when we came back from working out, her gym locker had been broken in to. They tampered with mine, but I got lucky and they weren't able to get into it. However, Mr Duckie was stolen along with her purse, iphone, wallet, and all her important info. 

Poor Mr. Quackers. I have no idea if the thief will throw him away or possibly get into geocaching due to stealing him and help him on his way. However, he is no longer in my hands, I am sad to say. I had hoped to get him pushed along. :(

I wanted to inform you of these tragic events. Poor Mr. Quackers. :("

My ducks are jinxed! This is actually pretty funny (except for her poor daughter losing her important stuff). I guess duckies just aren't meant to reach Tacoma!

Congrats to WikidKriket for the win!

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