Saturday, July 11, 2015

Discover Multiple Trackables Simultaneously

Saw someone on FB griping about all his work in discovering Trackables at an event. 

So I introduced him to the discovery tool (on left).

Follow these easy instructions (images on right).

1. Click on

2. If you have not done so already, click the Authenticate button to link your amount.

3. In the Tools drop-down menu, select Discover Trackables under Others

4. The Discover Trackables window will open. Populate the Date fields, enter your Log Text and then key in the Trackables codes (one per line).

5. Click the blue Discover button.

6. The History window will open and your logs will upload. You can view not only the original text of the log (click the Toggle Log Text button) but any codes that failed (click the + sign to the left of the record). 

I have spoken to a developer about creating an app that will read TB codes from pictures and upload the numbers for logging. We'll see if it's ever developed.

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