Monday, July 13, 2015

You Only Need to Sign Just One

Something I found a little unexpected in Frisco: In high Muggle areas, a CO will hide multiple containers for the same cache. (Example: "If you can't find the magnetized bison on the rail, there is a 35mm canister a few feet away.") To claim the cache for Lombard Street GCFB3C, you have to find and sign one of four containers. I saw the same thing at Coit Tower GC41NZ0.

Not judging. On the one hand I think it takes a bit of the challenge out of it. On the other hand, as a tourist, it's comforting knowing you should be able to find at least one.

I wonder if this practice is done anywhere else?

That being said... I found none at Lombard Street (no time) or Coit Tower (unexpected stop and I only grabbed the Virtual). Bummer. Those smilies would've made great souvenirs of these Frisco landmarks.

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