Monday, July 6, 2015

Stepping Out in San Francisco - II

It's still Friday afternoon (see my prior adventures here), and I was beginning to think I should make my way back to the hotel to prepare for the evening at the convention.  My feet were barking, and, if I waited any longer, it would mean taking a taxi or Uber back.  (With all the pedestrian traffic, a taxi or Uber will cost you about $10/mile because the vehicle has to keep stopping). Just as common sense reared it's ugly head and was about to rule, I realized the Embarcadero was just another few blocks over and there were riches to be had!

First delight in my path?  This community art project right on the corner of Mission and Steuart surely had to have a cache, right?  Yeppers.  I may've looked a little odd groping it, but I found it!

One to All GCTF3D
Then one more block East and I found the Ferry Building, the Embarcadero, and San Francisco Bay!

Ferry Building - Port of San Francisco

A Simple Life GCG1TF

Left What in San Francisco? GCAD16

View from under Cupid's Bow

And that night I met up with some friends from Maine.  Deb and Sabine took me to Ghirardelli Square where I had the amazing Dungeness Crab Strozapretti at McCormick & Kuleto's. Deb then guided us on a tour of her old neighborhood - what an absolute hoot spending the evening with these girls!

Atop Larkin Street off Ghirardelli Square looking at Alcatraz and the schooner
This was also the view from our dinner table at McCormick & Kuleto's

Yes, we shopped.  I'm not saying how much I spent!
Afterwards we headed to the elusive Golden Gate Bridge (not really lit at night).  This is the closest I've ever been and still can't get a good picture of it! We wrapped up our evening with Lombard Street at night.  

Saturday was filled with work and social commitments, but I did sneak out at 6 am to grab my daily cache. 3+ years of cache-a-day still going! But Sunday morning was filled with great excitement! Today was the Gay Pride Parade IN SAN FRANCISCO and right after the historic SCOTUS decision! The energy and color and love in the air was electric! Whether you support this decision or not, you could not ignore the energy in the city.

I was able to scoot over to the parade at 4th and Market for about 45 minutes.  The celebration went on for hours.

Sunday night was the Library of the Year dinner at the Exploratorium.  Delicious food, intelligent company, moving speeches, and a STUNNING views from the deck.  Before the guests arrived (I worked the check-in table), I scooted across the dock to grab this one.

Current Flows GC4A8JA

San Francisco Bay - before dinner

San Francisco Bay - after dinner

We flew out Monday night but not without several additional adventures tucked under our belts.  I had mentioned to a coworker that I regretted not making it up to Coit's Tower - I was out of time to walk it (plus it was quite the hike up here) and it was kinda hard to convince a cabbie or an Uber driver to wait for me as I walked around it at 6am.  My coworker, Will, offered to take me up as he lived nearby and had his car. Wonderful!

Coit Tower is practically visible from all over the city as it's atop Telegraph Hill which (I think) is San Francisco's highest point.  

It was a gift from Lillian Coit in honor of the San Francisco firemen. The fact that it resembles a firehose is purely coincidental.

WPArt: Lillie's Cache GC138C
Although it was too early to climb the tower or see the famed PWAP murals up close (I was able to peak in the windows and see some of them), I did experience some amazing views from the park at the base.

San Francisco Bay

Ferry Building

Transamerica Building on the right

The Golden Gate Bridge enshrouded in fog
Afterwards, heading back to the hotel, Will veered off so I could see Lombard Street in the daylight.

Lombard Street
Then, after a few hours of wrapping up the convention, myself and my coworkers attempted to escape Alcatraz before flying home!

Escape from Alcatraz GCF7A2
It was a most amazing adventure, and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity I had to experience it.  I wish TaGeez had been able to join me; however, if we ever make it back together, I will definitely know where to take him.  And I WILL eventually make it over that big orange bridge one day!

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