Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Resolution - MORE GREAT ADVENTURES!

It's Winter in Michigan, and this is the time that TaGeez dreads most. Why? I'm suffering from cabin fever - locked in the house with maps and travel guides and plotting!

No, I'm kidding about TaGeez dreading this. We've planned some of our most amazing adventures from this love seat. We know we can't beat last year for sheer number of miles and states, but I think we've decided on two amazing adventures this year!

WASHINGTON DC - The land of Virtuals.

TaGeez and I are HUGE history buffs (we recently quizzed ourselves using the 100 possible questions on the US Citizenship test - we rocked it!). I had the pleasure of this trip with the wonderful WikidKriket a few years ago and was shocked that TaGeez has never been. Back we go!

Our main focus, of course, will be the Monuments, Smithsonian museums, Arlington Cemetery, the National Zoo, and all the war memorials. But, luckily for us, intermingled with these wonderful symbols of this glorious nation, is about 75 or so Virtuals! Toss in a handful of webcams and the well-received Smithsonion NMMH geo-tour during the cherry blossom season and we have an adventure! Woo Hoo!

The Mall - Washington DC

CENTRAL PARK - Bridges and Arches

I've been drooling over this one for a few years now. The Bridges & Arches of Central Park GC17MX1 is a 32-stage multi walking adventure of this urban gem. Put out by Addisonbr in 2008, it has 460 Favorite points and 888 finders. Added bonus? Finders earn a custom geocoin only available in the final container! Watch the geocache-of-the-week teaser video from's blog.

I love the idea of spending the mornings working on the multi and the afternoons sightseeing, grabbing Virtuals and exploring New York. Hey, if it works out, maybe stop at Niagara Falls on the way back.

Central Park - Manhattan
Now that we've competed our JASMERs, I'm so glad there are other adventures out there.


  1. Hi there, I'm fuzzydave and I live between dc and annapolis. I've been reading your log for a while and we're in a few common fb groups.
    Glad to hear you're hoping to cache out here this year. There's so much to do, a handful of geotrails, wvtim gadgets are 90 minutes away, many challenges in the md suburbs to the north, the national museum of natural history geotrail, and the murals of dc to name a few.
    I'm curious, though, I only know of one Webcam in dc. There's one in towson, one in annapolis, and one in southern md.
    if you're interested, I might even be able to meet you guys whenever you're in town.

    1. Hi Fuzzydave!

      Thanks for stopping in - looking forward to our trip in a few weeks! Sorry for the late response - found this in my S P A M folder. We're targeting 1 webcam in DC and 2 in Maryland - Have you done the Maryland ones yet? I'm familiar with most of your recommendations, but not the murals - cool! Thank you! We're considering scheduling a meet. Would that be something you'd be interested in?

      Hope all is well!


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