Sunday, January 31, 2016

366 Days of Geocaching Geocoin

I have a new 'bright and shiny' in my pocket to share. No discoveries on this one (you will find a few others to discover on this page, however).

366 Days of Geocaching

Coin Front

TaGeez and I intend on taking February 29th off and spending the day caching - he'll finally grab some of the 366 Challenge caches. We'll top the night off by sharing our coin at LadyB4t's Leap Day event for discovery.

Geocoin back and proxy tag

I can't believe how quickly the 4 years have flown by. LadyB4T's last Leap Day event was one of the first events I ever attended. It was a madhouse. I can't imagine how busy this year will be with geocaching gaining so much popularity.

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