Saturday, January 2, 2016

Kicking off the New Year with Fun!

Happy New Year!

Yesterday was the annual Happy New Year event in Roseville, where hundreds of geocachers meet and seek hundreds of brand-new geocaches! I was on the road with GeoConsumer, ProBob, and Detour429 (plus several hundred of our nearest and dearest). TaGeez, unfortunately, had to work.

Team TaCat's contribution to the event.
HNY-16 Campbell Road Romp

The adventure started at 9am when the boys stopped in Ferndale to pick me up. With a few minutes to spare, we had to grab some caches on the way.

Hmm... Bob, I don't think that's what we're looking for.

Lovely breakfast event at the Lakeland Convention Center. Rather large raffle, too. Hosts GSIX5666 and Bapman Crew raffled coins, mugs, memberships and TWO KAYAKS! Mrs. GSIX really wanted a kayak and won both of them! She threw one back into the raffle pot 4 or 5 times so someone else could win, but her tickets were drawn over and over again. Get that lady to a lottery desk!

GPSrs were loaded and GPX files sent so off to the hunt we go. With 235 or so new caches waiting to be found, we decided to meet-up with the Winter Warriors and join them in the high-terrain hunt. There were 27 of us facing snow squalls, biting winds, creek crossings and hill climbings to conquer the Monkey Mayhem series.

The Winter Warriors are an amazing group of local climbers. They climb trees just for fun so it was amazing watching them skittle right up. The only downside of this series is that we had more climbers than caches. Glenn will need to rectify this.

Fun adventures with old friends and new. Everyone was all smileys just hanging out together.

This was the ground crew. If anything happened, we were there to lend support. The trek was a little arduous (freezing temps and snow squalls, steep slopes and creek crossings) but we kept up!

When we ran out of high terrain finds, the monkeys headed off to new challenges and we decided to track down some trails filled with caches.

Eventually the breakfast wore off and the pantlegs became encased in ice so we headed to greener pastures. Green Lantern Pizza, that is. Is this a fun group or what? Even GSIX joined us for caching and food - what a hoot!

After warming our tummies, we made one more trek as a crowd into the cold. You can't leave a LARGE behind!

HNY-16 Big Chest GC66H9J
As the others wondered on their own way, GeoConsumer, ProBob, Detour429 and I decided on one last detour... a lone park filled with virgin caches and blank logs. A great end to a successful and fun day.


New Year's Day we scored 27 FTF's while finding 47 caches.
A few dozen people visited our Campbell Road Romp series.
And according to my FitBit, I walked almost 19,000 steps during the 12-hour adventure.
And we laughed and laughed and shared tall tales.

An excellent start to a new year.

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