Friday, May 13, 2016

The Great DC Adventure: The Monuments

It was a gray and stormy Saturday morning... It was a little disappointing at first, stepping off the Metro, to see the weatherman had it in reverse. The sunshine was on Friday and the rain clouds today. But, for us, everything is an adventure so we gamely opened our umbrellas and set forth.

Note to self: the harder it rains the less tourists about!

First stop? The White House! Yes, it's there. It's behind that large, white tent. Bummer. Rainy and obstructed. Time to move on!

As weird as it sounds this is one of the things I wanted to see most during our visit. The Zero Milestone was here when I visited last - I must've been within feet of it but never noticed it. So we made a pilgrimage back.

Modeled after ancient Rome's Golden Milestone, which itself was a gesture meant to unify the disparate people's of the once-sprawling empire, the Zero Milestone in Washington, D.C. was created as a symbol of the effectiveness of the country's road system, but in the end its influence never spread past the city limits. (Atlas Obscura)

National Christmas tree - Zero Milestone - Washington Monument

Ah, the "Big Stick", as TaGeez so lovingly christened it. I must have pictures of it from every angle and direction. This one is seen from Constitution Gardens. Did you know about this? This isle in the northwest quadrant of the Mall? It's a memorial to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

And, of course, the Wall. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial. If I have one regret about this trip, it's that we didn't visit here at night. I understand it's amazing. 

Although I lost nobody in this war, I found myself crying at the sheer enormity of the loss.

After the Wall, we moseyed across the street to hang out with Albert. What a hoot! I couldn't quite reach his nose for luck!

And then back to the war memorials. You can't see them, but, standing next to me at this Nurse's Memorial were Annapolis cadets wheeling veterans along the brick paths. At a bench across from us was a pair, several generations apart but with the same disposition, heads bowed, sharing stories. Moving.

Time to hop a chain-link fence and head to Abe's place. The clouds are starting to dissipate and hope for some sun appeared. That's when TaGeez fell on the National Mall along the Reflecting Pool. I had nothing to do with it.

We look a little worse for wear but still having fun!

The Korean War Memorial was just as memorable and moving as the last time. You felt you were standing alongside these men. You fully appreciate that these were real people and not just names. Whoever designed this was brilliant. It was even more moving seeing Veterans visiting in their wheelchairs and a group of Korean tourists laying wreaths at the apex.

We were a few weeks late for the cherry blossoms, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the Japanese Cherry Blossom gardens. So peaceful along such a busy road!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Garden and the Jefferson Memorial

We took our time wandering along the Tidal Basin. Look at these trees!

Another addition since our last visit: the MLK Memorial. Packed! The day was turning bright and the tourists were coming out of the woodworks. Striking and so fitting to be so near the Lincoln Memorial. MLK's I Have a Dream speech was sounding from nearby speakers.

On the same path is the FDR Memorial. It is "a 7.5-acre site, the memorial depicts the 12 pivotal years of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's presidency through a series of four outdoor gallery rooms." 

Lovely to see the sun out. You can see the sunlight creeping up the Big Stick.

Our last stop along the Tidal Basin was, of course, the Jefferson Memorial. I so wish I had the concession for selfie sticks. Oh, the people posing! Did they even notice the history around them? 

We have to admit we walked 18,500+ steps for the third day in a row that we invested some of our souvenir money in a well-deserved taxi ride. We can honestly state that we were 'taken for a ride' by a DC taxi driver - he 'mistakenly' made several false turns that cost us a few extra dollars, but it was a hoot. 

After circling the World War II monument all day, we finally came in for a landing.

Do you see those sunny, blue skies?

The view from the Washington Monument knoll

Finally, the Big Stick! Can you imagine this behemoth left unfinished for 20+ years?

Honey? Am I close?
Right on, TaGeez!

The sun finally appeared!
Such an amazing day. And best of all every minute and every step was spent with my TaGeez.

Boy, with the Mall under reconstruction, the Capital Dome under repairs and a big tent in front of the White House - not the optimal time to site see. 

Washington DC Virtuals and Webcam

On the plus side, there are 5 or so unfound Virtuals left in the area... always an excuse to return!

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