Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Great DC Adventure: WVTim Caches

Greetings from Detroit!  TaGeez and I are home again from a wonderful road trip to Washington DC! Six days plus 4 new states - 1,615 miles driving plus another 28 miles walking downtown. 

It was an amazing adventure! 

Originally planning 5 days away, unexpectedly TaGeez and I found ourselves leaving a day early. What to do.. what to do.... Hey, guess what's on the way? WVTim caches! With an extra day, TaGeez and I decided to spend a night in Martinsburg, WV before heading to our Nation's Capital.

WVTim is famous for his highly-favorited gadget caches in the West Virginia/Maryland area. One of which, Evolution of a Rest Stop, is a traditional cache with over 1,000 Favorite points!  And many of his caches have hundreds of favorite points. 

After a quick stopover at a popular rest stop, TaGeez and I checked into the Comfort Inn. Main selling point? Our room was 122 feet from the closest WVTim cache! It helped that the room was relatively inexpensive and relatively nice.

Now, how cool is Tim? We attempted GBC 5 - 12 Seconds at first light and failed. Uh oh! But Tim wants people to solve his caches (he even has tutorials on Youtube to recreate his caches) so when we messaged him, he responded almost immediately! And left us his cell # in case we had any further problems. 

Here's one of his larges (no real spoilers here - not showing anything that isn't on the cache page or Youtube). Extraordinary TB hotel where we dropped off 9 stowaways from Detroit. 

This one was so much fun we videotaped it. Oh, one of the few caches I wish I could award additional Favorite points!

TaGeez, you're doing it wrong! I admit it took us WAY too long to solve this Large. Brilliant! Another one we had to videotape for the family back home. 

As we were pulling out of town, I told TaGeez I regretted we had to leave the remaining 60+ WVTim caches behind especially one of his most famous, Under the Lamp Post. He asked, "Well, where is it at?" And I realized we were only a few hundred feet from it! DETOUR! What a hoot!

Always a gentleman, WVTim emailed me after we returned home.
Loved reading your great logs, thanks for taking the extra time to tell me about your journey. WVTim
No fluff here. WVTim really sets the standard as a cache owner. Quality, maintained gadget caches located on business sites with owner permission. Ever responsive, he is willing to share his instructions on YouTube and his assistance via phone. TaGeez and I are determined to detour his way next time we're in the area. 

After the WVTim caches, we turned towards DC and Arlington Cemetery. But that was not the last of gadget caches on our journey. As we headed home, we found ourselves with a few spare moments so we detoured for one more. Down the road from the Antietam National Battlefield is A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words by GR8Caches. This cache deserved a thousand favorite points! I hope someone recreates it near home. 

Note to self: "10 miles away" in the mountains of West Virginia and Maryland is not actually "10 miles away". "This close" on the map is not close at all! But these beauties were worth the extra mileage.

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