Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Great DC Adventure: The Trackables

A major part of this adventure that can't be overlooked is the trackables. They definitely added a layer of fun to our road trip!

They are called 'Travelers' 

One of our first stops on the first day was WVTim's TB Hotel Extraordinaire where we dropped off almost a dozen visitors from Detroit. Safe travels!

Can't forget this little guy!

This little ghost has traveled with me to all the Virtuals over the last few years. Funny thing is? This is not actually the geocoin. The original coin is now a Virtual coin lost behind a Virtual in Cleveland, OH. Lucky I found this replica pin to take its place.

Jug Bridge GCGCRN

Can you spot the geocoin?

As one of my only souvenirs of the trip, I bought this Zero Milestone geocoin. It's sole mission was to visit the very cool Zero Milestone Benchmark, located between the White House and the Washington Monument. Every time I hold it I will remember TaGeez's warm hand in mine and the rain wetting our faces. Can you spot it?

Mile Zero GC2E52

A toast to Capital Hill

Right before our trip, both TaGeez and I received our Tin Cup Trackables in the mail. Mine took a trip to DC and back and is now in Germany. TaGeez said whiskey is one way to make politicians more palatable.

Capital View GCDE1
Also in my pouch is my United States Capital Benchmarks Geocoin.  On one side is Freedom, the lovely lady adorning the Capital dome. I dipped this coin at each geocache on this adventure!

On the back are three of the most well-known benchmarks on the Hill. This one is HV2019, located at the Southeast corner of the building. We searched and searched (under the increasingly watchful eyes of the local constabulary) but couldn't find it. The coordinates led us near the sidewalk, but the description made it seem as if it was closer to the building. 

Finally, we approached the Capital police, guarding this corner, and asked if we could take a peak near the steps. They were nice but very watchful. Imagine their surprise when we found it tucked between the wall and the steps. All the years they've guarded they never knew it existed! They even pointed it out to others! Watchful, eh? 

On an adventure of their own!

Not wanting this adventure to end, TaGeez and I brought personal trackables to DC for release. His, obviously, wants to visit  military Memorials and Monuments around the world.

Uncommon Valor TB6D331
He bought the keychain at Arlington National Cemetery and released his trackable to a newer cacher we ran into at the Delaware border. 

Mine wants to visit state capitals and capitals around the world.

Our Nation's Capital - DC Adventure TB4WX87

And I released it at the Burke Park Stash GC175 to new geocaching friends we met there. Safe travels!

Mission completed!

And speaking of trackables with missions, this was the sweetest of all!

Travel Bug Origins - United States had a mission to visit an Honest Man. CITOcacher, a Detroit friend, knew we were heading to DC so she made sure we had it in hand. It was fun stopping for pictures along the way. This was the first trackable mission we helped to complete! Honest Abe is exploring Philadelphia now!

View of an "Honest Man" GCEB2
There are a million trackables in the world, each with a story to tell... I'm glad we were part of their stories!

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