Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Geo-Adventure Prep: Foodie Heaven!

TaGeez and I are vibrating in excitement - just two months until our next great adventure!

Nightly we're pouring over guidebooks, reading up Virtual cache descriptions, and plotting likely Benchmarks. But tonight is a big one - FOOOOOOD!!!!

Settled in for the night, we're watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Eat the Street for fabulous food leads in DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.

So much fun making lists, bookmarking restaurants and daydreaming as we catch glimpes of each town in the background. Walnut Street in Philly. Chips Pit Beef in Maryland. And this scrumptious metal & glass diner outside Arlington Cemetery.  

Add to that the need to return to Old Town Alexandria for dinner alongside that cobbled road. Crab Cakes in Baltimore, Philly Cheesesteaks... 

Food can add such amazing memories to a trip. I found myself in Philadelphia almost 9 years ago on business. My hotel, the Hilton (Garden Inn), was the home of the original Philly Cheesesteak plus the site of my very first one. I sat at a white-draped table in their top-floor restaurant and had my very first one under the watchful gaze of William Penn atop Philadelphia's City Hall. I'll never forget it.

Imagine my horror sitting next to TaGeez tonight (a man, I should add, that up to this moment I considered my heart's true love) when he turned to me and proclaimed that HIS cheesesteak will have Cheez Whiz on it! ((shudder)) Alas! A memory I hope to forget!


  1. Not sure if you guys have iPhones or iPads but here's an app you'll appreciate. It's called TV Food Maps: Here's a link to its listing on (Appshopper has a link to itunes):

    1. Thank you so much! TaGeez is looking for it now!

  2. There's also the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives category on

    1. Good thinking! We were already browsing the site for stops on our journey but never thought to look for restaurants there. Thank you!


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