Sunday, February 28, 2016

Leap Day Souvenir #1

Isn't it lovely? Earned my first Leap Day 2016 souvenir while enjoying a Reindeer series of caches yesterday! Looking forward to earning its sister souvenir while attending a Leap Day event! TaGeez and I took the entire day off and plan on caching our way around the metro areas.

Speaking of which, those crazy Southeastern Michigan cachers outdid themselves this year. I think they created 18 events (starting at 12:01 am tonight)! TomasDiaz calculated that you could actually break a record and attend 16 of them! His numbers are:
  • Total time at events: 4.27 hours
  • Total driving time: 11.07 hours
  • Approximate mileage: 602 miles!
He shared an incredibly impressive spreadsheet on our group's FB page including GC codes, coordinates, event hours, estimated attendance times, drive times, and idle times. It is for this reason I struggle with his geocaching puzzles - the man is too smart!

Go out and earn your souvenir! Grab a cache this weekened! Attend an event tomorrow!

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