Thursday, February 11, 2016

New TB Rescue Site

Took this off the newsletter:

As mentioned in the last newsletter, and on Facebook several times, we have began to work on something called TB Rescue. The idea comes from, which is a service that was shut down last month. After a week of development with parts of it being working double time we finally have it in a working state. It took us about 3500 lines of code to bring it together, but it's finally looking quite good. 

The concept is as follows: 

An owner of a trackable notices that their trackable has been stuck in the same geocache for at least 4 weeks. Being worried about it being lost or that just too few visits this geocache he or she creates a rescue mission at Project-GC.

Under the Tools menu, click Rescue Map

Users of Project-GC have earlier added Watch zones, ie areas where they want to be notified by email if there is a new rescue mission. If there is a watch zone where the geocache with the trackable currently is, all owners of those watch zones will be notified.

Cool stats on the right side

Those having the watch zones (called rescuers) can then act upon the email about the new mission. They are encouraged to log a note on the rescue mission (at Project-GC) saying that they will go there to take a look. If they do not find the trackable in the geocache they should log a DNF on the rescue mission (again, at Project-GC). After 3 DNF logs the rescue mission will automatically be canceled, since it's very unlikely that the trackable exists there. 
Scroll down to see the map of your zone and TB's in need of help

Examples of trackables in need
Instead, if the rescuer actually found the trackable, he should bring it with him (or her) since the rescue mission owner wanted it to be rescued. He/she can then log a found log on the rescue mission to show that he has it. Besides this, he should grab the trackable using The log at will be used to automatically close the rescue mission with the status Completed, and the rescuer will be marked as the one who completed the rescue mission. 

If you have any trackables that seem to be stuck, feel free to create your rescue mission using our TB Rescue tool.
Create a mission under My Missions (menu option or tab)
If you feel like becoming a rescuer, go to the same tool to add watch zones for the areas where you would like to be notified.

Scroll down to the map. Select your zone if you're willing to be a watcher
The system has only been live for a few days, but there are already over 100 rescue missions created, 230 users who has created watch zones, and almost 2 million km² being watched.

I've signed up! 

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